Photo: Tech Times At one of the nearby exoplanets found the atmosphere

The exoplanet is similar to the Earth, and removed to a distance of 39 light years.

Astronomers first discovered the earth-like exoplanets are situated around the atmosphere. The planet, named Gliese 1132b, removed from the Earth at a distance of 39 light years away, BBC reports.

Scientists commenting on the opening, noted that the planet is 1.4 times bigger than Earth. According to their observations “super-earth” hides in a thick layer of gases, which is either water or methane or a mixture of both.

The full study was published in the scientific edition of the Astronomical Journal.

Scientists say that the discovery of the atmosphere on the planet is an important step towards exploring the possibilities of life beyond the Solar System.

At the same time, the researchers are skeptical regarding the possible habitat of this planet, since the temperature on its surface reaches 370 degrees Celsius .

“From my experience, the highest temperature at which life can be sustained on the planet is 120 degrees Celsius. It’s much cooler than the “weather” on this planet”, – said the head of research group Dr. John Cosworth.