Photo: NASA the Sun after death will turn into a nebula

Observations of the astronomer settled the dispute, which lasted 25 years. The theory said that our star is not big enough to be a nebula.

After the death of the Sun, our star system will turn into a bright nebula, which will disappear after a few thousand years. This is stated in an article published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

The observations of scientists from the University of Manchester were allowed a 25 year argument, showing that the stars as the Sun can produce bright nebulae. In theory it was said that this requires twice as big star.

Approximately after 4.5-5 billion years our Sun will exhaust the reserves of hydrogen and begin to burn helium, causing his bowels are heated to ultrahigh temperatures, and the outer shell, the light will swell up, engulfing Venus and mercury and plunging the Earth into a lifeless glowing ball .

Eventually the Sun will get rid of all the outer layers of gas and become a white dwarf – a small but very hot star, which continues to glow due to the residual heat remaining in the former core.

His light will warm and illuminate the surrounding clouds of gas, turning them into a bright spot in the night sky other worlds, and the Solar system will become a so-called planetary nebula.

“We not only managed to resolve one of the oldest disputes in astronomy, but also to learn what to expect in the Sun in the future, after his death. In addition, we now have a methodology that allows finding very old stars in distant galaxies and determine their age, which was previously very difficult to do,” said the scientists.

Previously, scientists have stated that plasma tornado on the Sun’s surface was not like an earthly vortices, they stand still and do not rotate.

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