The 2018 world Cup



Sports news: Previously, scientists accurately predicted the winner of the 2010 world Cup and Euro 2012

Scientists from the Austrian University of Innsbruck estimated odds of winning each of the team s participating in the world Cup, which starts June 14.

Mathematics Achim Zeileis, Christoph Leitner and Kurt Hornik used to calculate the data 26 international betting companies and determined the probability of passage of teams at each stage of the tournament and the odds of winning each of the teams.

Scientists came to the conclusion that one of the most reliable methods for the determination of the favorites and outsiders of the championship are the book-makers ‘ forecasts, which take into account a huge number of factors influencing the outcome of the team.

Using its own model, the Austrian mathematics previously accurately predicted that the 2010 world Cup and Euro 2012 win the Spanish team, but before the 2014 world Cup correctly identified three of the four semifinalists.

According to calculations, the highest chances for the title this year, the Brazil national team (the winning probability of 16.6%). Followed by Germany (15,8%), Spain (12.5%) and France (12.1 percent).

According to scientists, in the semi-finals, most likely, will play Brazil, France, Germany and Spain. In the final match most likely to fight Germany and Brazil. The chances of winning they have in this situation is approximately equal to: 49,7% in Germany, from 50.3% in Brazil.