Photo: Twitter a Man needs only a special glove

Experts have developed a platform that gives man the topic of dreams. Sleepy enough to hear a certain word and he will see the corresponding dream.

American engineers of mit have developed a device that monitors the state of sleeping and asking him the theme of dreams. Man enough to wear a special glove with sensors, writes The Next Web.

Smart glove monitors the heart rate, the muscles of his “master”. As soon as the system realizes that the person is in a state of hypnagogia (between wakefulness and sleep), it sends a signal to the module which includes the recorded audio signal.

For example, if the time taken to fall asleep I hear the word “tiger”, it is a predator and will see in a dream.

It looks like a glove that sets dreams. Twitter

“A platform to engage with dreams” is already tested on volunteers. They all dreamt about it that sounded if hypnagogia.

Now the developers are working on a system that will “show” dreams with smells.

Earlier it was reported that correlation was found between daytime sleep and heart disease.

We also wrote that there was a special podcast for those who can’t sleep. Its author long reads are useful, but at the same time “the most boring tests in the world.”

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