Photo: Twitter/Prof Alice Roberts ? The “improved” model woman of the future

According to experts, prevents a person to become perfect suffering from ultraviolet radiation, the skin and the shape of the ears.

Professor of anatomy and anthropology at the University of Bristol’s Alice Roberts showed how to look for the ideal woman of the future. According to experts, modern women have a number of drawbacks – the skin, the ears, and lack of bags for carrying the offspring. About it writes Daily Mail.

According to Roberts, human skin is exposed to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, the skin of frogs could be the best alternative. Also were imperfect human lungs is much more effective, according to the researcher, are the air sacs of birds. They better get rid of carbon dioxide.

Anatomical oddity – join me on Wednesday evening, @BBCFOUR as I attempt to design the #perfectbody! pic.twitter .com/cAWRFU47eO

— Prof Alice Roberts (@theAliceRoberts) 10 Jun 2018

Roberts also felt that the woman of the future will be useful to the ears of the bats and kangaroo bag for bearing offspring.

“When I first saw a 3D model of my experiment – and I cried,” said the study’s author.

Earlier it was reported that scientists found in the human body’s “second brain” located in the gut.

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