As it became known, created the power source can absolutely surpass everything available on the planet analogs and отличиt from their “primitive” predecessors, based on the laws of quantum mechanics, reports of the Russian Dialogue.

According to the information received, ordinary batteries that are so common in modern technology and find their application as power sources in electric vehicles and energy storage in power systems. This is the most popular type of batteries in such devices as cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, camcorders, and electric vehicles.

However, they are all based on classical on classical electrochemical principles and the interaction of their constituent ions of lithium, whereas whereas quantum is based on the laws of quantum mechanics. These batteries can be an important component of many classic devices, such as for quantum computers, and they can produce using modern solid-state technology.

“The main thing is to prepare this quantum network in the so-called dark state. In dark condition the network is not able to exchange energy with the environment. In fact, the system becomes immune to all external influences. This means that the battery is highly protected from energy loss,” – said the scientists from the universities of Alberta and Toronto.

They suggested the use of established methods discharge stored energy by a controlled violation of the structural symmetry of nanocity and intend to conduct appropriate tests to improve battery and replace old battery.

We will remind, on the eve of “Russian Dialogue” talked about the revolutionary invention of South Korean scientists who created the world’s first battery, supplying energy reserves in just 30 seconds