For the study, experts observed more than 100 thousands of people aged 50 years.

Scientists from Harvard University and the Amsterdam University of applied Sciences told how guaranteed to extend its life for ten years. This writes the scientific journal British Medical Journal.

Experts came to the conclusion that regular exercise and a healthy diet “doing their job”. These healthy habits reduce the risk of premature death.

Experts for over 20 years watched more than 100 thousand people, aged 50 years. At risk related of smokers who consume alcohol, practicing unhealthy nutrition, low physical activity and excess weight.

It turned out that people who lead healthy way of life for much longer. The average figure for women was 84.4 years compared to 73,7 years for women with addictions. In men, the rates were 81.1 years compared with 73.5 years.

The scientists also noted that during the study, was not considered an unpredictable disease such as cancer.

Previously, scientists said that the spicy pepper prolongs life. The Correspondent also wrote that scientists have figured out how search of meaning of life affects health.

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