Photo: Mari Lehmonen/Helsinki Zoo was Believed that this Panda – one of a kind

After DNA analysis was performed in 65 animals were a new species of red pandas, which are already called “the most exotic animals in the world.”

Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing said on their scientific discovery. Zoologists have discovered a new species of red or small Panda, writes the journal Science Advances.

According to scientists, this species may be the most famous exotic animal in the world. Prior to this it was believed that this Panda is a one of a kind.

Specialists performed a DNA analysis of 65 wild red pandas. In the result, it was possible to identify two separate species of these animals. Experts note that we are talking about China (with red fur and striped tails) and Himalayan (with a lighter face) animals.

As previously reported, Panda bear albino was first filmed in the wild. It happened in the nature reserve of Wenchuan-Oolong tea in the Chinese province of Sichuan.

Recall that in the zoo of Taiwan pandas were fed moon cakes on the occasion of mid-autumn festival.

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