Photo: Virus-specific metabolic genes may have been acquired millions of years ago

The group of giant viruses has unusual genes, which, affecting the body, rebuild the physiology of the cell.

American scientists of the Polytechnic University of Virginia found unusual genes in the group of giant viruses. The genes allowed the virus to rebuild the metabolism of the host cell, which is transformed into a sort of “zombie”, says Science Alert.

Experts have found that as soon as the virus infects a unicellular organism, it begins to restructure fundamental aspects of cell physiology.

Scientists have identified evolutionary changes in the genes that demonstrated the close relationship between infectious agents and their hosts. Virus-specific metabolic genes could be purchased millions or billions of years ago.

This changes the traditional view of viruses, whose effects on the body have been addressed through the impact on mortality of infected organisms, and they do not alter their function.

Recall that scientists have created an artificial virus that blocks coronavirus.

It was also reported that scientists have learned about the coronavirus at this time.

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