Fri, 22 Jun 2018


News of show business: the effects of stress, experienced at the age of five years, significantly affects the brain in early adulthood.

A group of researchers from the University of Nijmegen found: adolescents, survivors of trauma before the age of five years, the volume of gray matter less than that of peers, to avoid such injuries. This, he explained, scientists said on the accelerated development of the brain and premature maturity.

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Their study involved 37 children: 15 boys and 22 girls. It turned out that the children who experienced stressful events at an early age, the volume of gray matter in subcortical departments involved in the processes of the formation of consciousness and emotional health, as well as in the prefrontal cortex was reduced .

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“Experienced child stress can not only lead to the development of mental disorders in adulthood. It also significantly affects the formation and growth of the brain at an early age, although it is still not clear how,” he said in this regard, the authors of the project.

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According to scientists, the brain is plasticity, that is, it is modified in the process of growing and aging. The volume of gray matter in it begins to decrease at the age of eight years. Its a smaller amount in the brain of children, which in the past had psychological trauma, is a sign of the brain Matures and ages them much faster than their peers.

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During adolescence the stress caused by social factors, conversely, can inhibit the development of the brain. Against this background, is able to cause manifestations of mental disorders and antisocial behavior, noted the authors.