Photo: flickr Long sleep in the weekend to compensate for the lack of sleep on weekdays

Swedish researchers found that long sleep on the weekend can reduce the risk of premature death.

Scientists from Stockholm University in Sweden found that prolonged sleep on the weekends can not only compensate for the lack of sleep on weekdays, but also reduce the risk of premature death. About it writes Science Alert.

According to the publication, the study involved more than 38 thousand adults. All of them reported sleep duration in weekdays and weekends.

The monitoring for volunteers was carried out over 13 years. Scientists tried to establish the mortality rate among people who slept less than five hours, and six to seven hours a day.

Also taken into account several other factors, including body mass index, alcohol consumption and Smoking, physical activity .

In the end, among people under the age of 65 years the risk of premature mortality increased by 65 percent if they suffered from a lack of sleep. However, if they compensated for the lack of sleep on the weekend, their rates were the same as in the control group.

Earlier it was reported that scientists call eggs one of the means from premature death.

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