Photo: the AHR Receptor has almost all the cells

Experts have discovered that using blocking receptor AHR not only prevents, but also removes the obesity.

American scientists from the cancer research Center Medical center Dartmouth-Hitchcock in new Hampshire found that if you block the body’s receptor AHR, it does not only prevent obesity, but also eliminate it, writes the International Journal of Obesity.

The AHR receptor has almost all the cells. He, in addition, plays an important role in metabolism in the body.

The experiments revealed that blocking AHR not only prevent, but eliminate obesity and hepatic steatosis in the studied mice without apparent side effects.

The study authors were able to establish that blocked the receptor AHR in liver cells and adipose cells does not induce several key genes necessary for the accumulation and synthesis of fat.

Recall that the Ukrainians threatened with mass obesity. Almost a third of adults are overweight and 14% obese.

Earlier we wrote that the American has lost about 150 kg. he previously consumed a day, 20 thousand calories. He recovered up to 250 kg.

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