Photo: Mauricio Marat / Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History Burial in Mexico

Umesh’s body was laid in a certain vinovati – 1-month-old baby to the elderly . Nothing like archeaology were not previously found.

In the course of archaeological excavations in the area of Tlalpan in the South of the capital of Mexico was discovered ten human skeletons, laid in a spiral. It is reported by Science Alert.

It is noted that the burial is vaguely reminiscent of the milky way galaxy. Nothing like that scientists had not previously found.

Archaeologist Ximena Rivera Escamilla, who led the excavations, suggests that the intertwining of bones found – part of a ritual ceremony.

“One head was on the chest of another, and hands one skeleton was placed on the back of another,” explains Escamilla, adding that the bodies were stacked in a certain vinovati – 1-month-old baby to the elderly.

According to her, the skeletons come from a group that lived in the area for 500 years during the period between 700 and 400 BC. The tomb is 2,400 years old.

Scientists are going to figure out how they killed 10 people and died together.

Previously, archaeologists have discovered in the jungles of Guatemala, a huge Mayan city, which includes about 60 thousand different buildings.

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