Many children accelerates the aging process

Experts noted signs of accelerated cell aging in women, with several children.

A group of scientists at northwestern University (USA) found signs of accelerated aging in women who have several children. This writes CBS Denver.

The study involved hundreds of women aged 20 to 22 years. Of these, 102 had two children and 28 three. 507 participants have never been pregnant, and the rest had only one child.

Experts examined biological markers of aging and found that cellular changes after the birth of a child, equivalent to 0.5-2 years.

In particular, the telomere “aging” 0.34-3.67 years, and epigenetic age increased by 0.29 to 0.63.

While pregnancy at an early age shortened telomeres stronger, particularly if it was about adolescence.

Also observed that during pregnancy, the epigenetic status of the cells of the signs of aging were not detected . Scientists explained that the existence of physiological and immunological changes that occur during fetal development. In particular, the increased levels of estrogen and changes in the composition of immune cells.

Estrogen can lower the level of oxidative stress and protect the telomeres from damage.

Earlier it was reported that linked the consumption of sugar with the development of dementia.

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