A group of international scientists has determined the top 10 worst habits of girls during sex. Now researchers all the forces urging the girls to try to get rid of them.

The first of these girls in your bed trying to look seductive
and sexy, especially during orgasm. Scientists believe that at one and the same
impossible to enjoy sex and to think about their appearance, reports
“Russian Conversation”. In addition, it is not necessary to involve the stomach, because if
man in bed with you, then he likes you for who you are.

The second habit – to come to terms with lack of orgasm. They say,
if he did not come, and it has not come. Scientists suggest not to feel guilty if you don’t
missed some time frames, which themselves formed in
head. Lie and have fun, there’s no rush.

Also, experts advise not to sleep with guys who
like a Blowjob, but to do cunnilingus, they refuse . From this “double
standards” need to go. Also avoid loud moan, like you
very well, if in fact it is not true. Scientists remind us that in this
case your partner will repeat the movements again and again, and again you and
again will not enjoy sex to the full. The same applies to receiving
orgasm – no need to say that you got it, if not actually reached
up to the peak.

In addition, scientists insist that in bed is not necessary
to endure the pain. External signs guy is very difficult to separate it from the passion.
If you are uncomfortable, just say so.

It is recommended to carefully clean myself up
directly before sex, as it can “kill” the desire, and
come up with excuses from sex, if in fact the problem period.

Also specialists recommend for a woman to say to man,
she fell in love with him, if this is true, not to lie to her
their relationship is just sex. Finally, don’t try to guess what your partner
thinks during sex, otherwise head and share yourself a lot of lies.