Photo: Forbes a Placebo is effective even when the patient is aware of the fictitious nature of the drug

According to experts, the placebo effect works even when patient knows about the fictitious nature of the drug.

An international group of scientists found that the placebo effect has an impact on the patient, even if he knows about the fictitious nature of drugs, reports The Telegraph. The full text of the scientific article was published in the publication Pain.

To establish this fact, scientists who conducted the experiment, 160 participants voluntarily involved in the investigation.

They were asked to keep a hand on a heated stove until until the pain syndrome reaches its limit. After this people were divided into two groups, and one suggested a local anaesthetic, which is actually the placebo, and the other was also given a fake drug, however, was informed .

As a result, two groups of participants, most were able to keep their hands on the hot plate counts were similar.

The publication reports that up to this point it has been assumed that the placebo effect works only if real information about him is hidden from the patient.