Experts interviewed by the portal Cosmo, said that the West brought a special term: sexual performance anxiety. This condition when sexually active people incorrectly behaves in bed due to psychological reasons, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to experts, ladies who doubt about their bed “skills” are forced to follow the events and thoughts to comment on their own actions in sex. Of course, they get distracted from the main processes – in the end they either take longer to make love to get orgasm, or even to do without it.

Another point – the credibility of the partner. Scientists believe that sexual pleasure is of paramount importance. If ladies are obsessed with what the member sees only the cons, about orgasms, you can forget forever.

And another important point — in any case, no need to fake an orgasm. It is absolutely not beneficial to either partner, nor the woman. When simulating a man and finds out what actually needs his second half.