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News of show business: each of us has an idea about how it should happen intimacy between a man and a woman.

British scientists conducted a study on the nature of intimate relationships and the circumstances that put participants in sexual intercourse in an awkward position. Experts have dispelled the cinematic myth of the perfect sexual act.

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To look at not the most pleasant side of sexual life of their compatriots, the researchers conducted a survey among men and women over the age of 18. Statistics say that awkward situations happen behind closed doors in 75% of English.

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In women the most common confusion in bed, was embarrassed about the appearance at the wrong time gases. This discomfort during intimacy with a partner, experiencing 58% of respondents . About 37% of women admitted that the romance in the midst of sexual pleasures spoil the premature menstruation. 21% of ladies are embarrassed when you can’t laugh during sex. About 9% said that sex during illness spoils the appearance of the gag reflex. And 5% of women feel uncomfortable when they are trying to improve and diversify the sexual contact with a partner, using various sex toys, but gadgets are faulty.

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Men are a completely different reason to blush about sex. Most of them feel awkward when you unconsciously fall asleep immediately after satisfaction. 21% of the men surveyed admitted that they becomes uncomfortable after sex with a woman who was crying because of the overly sensual intercourse. About 15% of guys feel awkward when a failed “dirty” jokes about sex with his partner. And a small percentage of Britons feel humiliated when premature ejaculation.

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Scientists advise not to get hung up on complicated moments in bed. Faced with this almost every couple, so it is better to learn to trust and partner with him to relax, despite the “emergency” situation.