Photo: New Atlas Technology turns any surface into an interactive

Using new technologies can change the brightness of the bulb by sliding your finger along the surface with special ink, and to open doors with a wave of his hand.

Unique technology – a joint development of scientists from the lab of MIT, USA and Universities of Bristol and Bath, UK. The core of the development – electricity conductive copper ink that can recognize touch, the microcontroller responsive to signals, and the upper layer interface. This writes the New Atlas.

Innovative ink can be applied even on rough or curved surface, in addition, sprayed the sensors are not afraid of moisture and is suitable for use on the street.

“Although commercialization of this technology is still far away, one day it will become a mandatory element in the construction of smart buildings, or the interior,” say the innovators.

The technology requires pre-planning and accuracy of application of ink to the surface.

“Our work contributes to the convergence of digital user interfaces with a physical environment and opens the possibility of creating large-scale interactive surfaces,” say the inventors.

Earlier, the international team of scientists has created the world’s most sophisticated nanoparticle.

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