The altitude of the aircraft can change

Climatologists called contrails from Airliners one of the problems of rise in temperature on Earth.

British scientists from Imperial College London and German Institute for atmospheric physics suggested to change altitude of aircraft, in order to fight global warming, according to Environmental Science & Technology.

According to them, this will reduce the harmful impact of aviation on climate by 56%.

Aircraft leave in the atmosphere, contrails of ice crystals. They spend hours not dissipate and do not give heat reflected from the Earth, and at night return reflected from the surface of the heat back.

It turned out that to get rid of the persistent contrails is possible, if a little change altitude. While such a measure would affect only a small part of the flight, mainly in the second half of the day.

Earlier it was reported that last year for the first time managed to stop the growth of CO2 emissions. In addition, scientists told, how to avoid global catastrophe.

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