Scientists have created a medical tape to internal organs

Thanks to the innovative solution, the medical tape can be easily separated from the tissue without any pain and harm to the patient.

Scientists from mit have developed a special solution, whereby a medical adhesive tape can be removed like a band-aid or adjust its position during operation. It is reported MitNews.

It is reported that the adhesive material is made from biocompatible polymers and a special strength with proteins on the surface of the fabric creates a substance N-hydroxysuccinimide. Solvent liquid created from of the antioxidant glutathione and sodium bicarbonate.

“It’s like a painless plaster for internal organs,” commented co-author of the development of Shuanghe Zhao.

The medical tape that you can regulate has been tested on different samples of organs, including the heart, lungs and intestines of the pig.

“Experiments have shown that regardless of the duration of the bonding tissues, it was possible to separate them from each other for about five minutes with no injuries,” – says the article.

Previously, researchers from Boston children’s hospital have developed a prosthetic valve, the diameter of which can be adjusted without surgery.

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