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Regular consumption of even small amounts of meat increases the risk of premature death.

In the North-Western University USA scientists have proven lethal danger of eating meat. It is reported by EurekAlert!.

Scientists conducted the study, collecting and analyzing data 29 682 people. The survey involved respondents, whose average age was 53.7 years. It is noted that 44.4% of them were male.

Respondents provided data on their daily diet. It turned out that
drinking two servings of red, processed meat or poultry meat per week increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 3-7%.

Even if you exclude from the diet of fish and poultry, two servings of red meat per week is associated with increased risk of death 3%, regardless of the reason.

The researchers noted that meat increases the risk of deadly diseases and disorders of the cardiovascular system. They are encouraged to refrain from processed meat, sausages and fried chicken.

Earlier it was reported that the fan of rare meat revealed 700 of parasites in the brain and lungs. The Correspondent also wrote that scientists have named addictive products.

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