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It is not only the way of life, and the hypothesis extends to male animals.

In the Australian University of New South Wales found out why men live less. It is reported

Experts have called the possible reason why men die before women. It is assumed that the answer is hidden in the Y-chromosomes, not the lifestyle.

The researchers tested the hypothesis that the Y chromosome has a protective ability, inferior to the X-chromosome. The first is supposedly worse protects the body from harmful mutations in the X chromosome.

This is due to the fact that female animals, including humans, two X chromosomes provide two copies of the sex gene. This allows you to compensate for defective DNA in the presence of normal DNA “copies”.

Biologists analyzed the lifespan of primates, other mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, arachnids, cockroaches, grasshoppers, beetles, butterflies and moths. It turned out that individuals with heterogametic sex (XY) die, on average, 17.6% before homogametic (XX) animals.

Earlier it was reported that was solved the main cause of human development. Also the Correspondent wrote that the alcohol and the extra pounds contribute to longevity.

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