As it became known, climate scientists from the US said that due to changes in weather conditions in some regions of the planet have risen significantly the sea level, which in the future will provoke horrific consequences that can be provoked by floods and a powerful tsunami, reports the Russian Dialogue.

According to the information received, scientists from Princeton carried a number of Asian countries to the most dangerous regions affected by climate “collapse”. According to calculations, only in Asian countries due to floods and hurricanes in the future may suffer hundreds of millions of people.

During the measurements, which were involved in the latest us space devices, it was found that during the last decade, the topography of the coastal area has undergone truly major changes, and at this point already represents a significant threat to living populations.

In addition, in comparison with the past century, average sea level has already increased by 11-16 inches, and composed using instruments climate models show that in the current century even if drastic reductions of emissions of carbon, by 2050 the sea level will rise by 20-30 centimetres. In the worst scenario, the melting of ice in Antarctica will lead to the rise of the surf line more than two meters, and fully immerse under water kilometres distant from the world ocean sushi.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation” informed the readers about the stunning statement by climate scientists warned humanity about the critical rise in Global sea level of up to 23 meters.