Danish researchers found that taking a mother of paracetamol during pregnancy can seriously harm the fetus and future child. It turned out that this drug is able to disrupt genes and proteins of the embryo is male.

The experiment was conducted on pregnant mice, reports “Russian conversation”. They were divided into 2 groups, one of which ate a normal diet, the second with the addition of paracetamol. After some time, all subjects rodents born offspring. After this, scientists began to monitor the behavior of kids and their development.

In the end it turned out that males whose mothers were given paracetamol showed less aggression than rodents in the control group. In addition, these mice rarely labeled area and less time trying to mate with females. Biologists also found that males born from mothers, “pumped” by paracetamol, their behavior was very similar to females . For example, they didn’t try to bite other males, and labeled only one corner in the cage, while the other males did in all areas.

Scientists on the basis of his observations concluded that intake of paracetamol during pregnancy disrupts genes and proteins in the body of the fetus that are associated with the development of male hormones. It is for this reason males became so “feminine”.

Scientists still can’t say for sure whether this medicine on women in the same way as on female mice. However, in any case, the researchers recommend avoiding the use of paracetamol during pregnancy.