Russian athlete Alexander Orlov

© Stoyan Vasev/TASS

MOSCOW, March 4. /TASS/. The final stage of the freestyle world Cup in acrobatics will be held on Saturday in Moscow. To win in the competition acrobatics expect Australian Danielle Scott and the Chinese Xu Mentao, while the Russian athletes can take a place in the top three at the end of the season.

The world Cup in acrobatics in the Russian capital will be held for the eighth time, this year will start the 56 athletes from 11 countries. The competition will be held on a special ramp with a height of 50 meters and a length of 200 m set at the Rowing channel in Krylatskoe. According to the organizers, due to the warm weather, established in Moscow in the first days of spring, they had to save the track with dry ice and pre-prepared snow .

In the Russian team on the home stage of the Boers Maxim, Stanislav Nikitin, Alexandra Orlova, Kristina Spiridonova Lyudmila Nikitina, who also will take part in the start of next week’s world Championships in the Spanish Sierra Nevada. Continue to recover from injuries leading freestylers in the country – Ilya Burov, Pavel Krotov, Peter, Medulic, Veronika Korsunova.

Stage in Moscow, the sixth and final season in the most spectacular discipline of freestyle acrobatics. Earlier athletes competed in the Chinese Beida lake, American lake placid and deer valley, Olympic Pyeongchang and Minsk. In the men’s event ahead of schedule won the Chinese Qi Guangpu, which is 132 points ahead of Belarusian Anton Kushnir. For freestylers the stage in Moscow, in fact, is preparation for the world Cup.

In the competition acrobatics Maxim Burov and Nikitin are in seventh and eighth position respectively. Maksim Burov, having won on the home track, has a chance to become third.

The winner of the Cup will be determined in Moscow

Women lead Australian Danielle Scott (402 points), which is only two points ahead of Vice-champion of Olympic games 2014 a Chinese woman Xu Mentao. Xu Mentao occupied prize-winning places at all stages, apart from the start at deer valley, which was forced to miss. Therefore, the only athlete from Asia and minimally inferior to Scott.

The best among Russians is Lyudmila Nikitina fifth place (226 points), which preserves theoretical chances of bronze at the end of the season. Nikitina was third at the first start in China, whereas in lake placid third place went to Kristina Spiridonova, who, like Orlov, in the case of success in Moscow can enter the top three at the end of the season.

Last year in Moscow won the Russian woman Alina Gridneva, among men was not equal to American IEC Bohannon, while the third was Ilya Burov.

Qualification of the Moscow stage will start on Saturday at 14:05 Moscow time, the final at 19:00. The organizers will invite spectators light and music show and the performance of DJs.