Sea Breeze 2018




The exercise is performed properly: theoretical classes and practical trainings prior to the exercise, was effective.

The military departments of special actions on water from the Odessa marine guard detachment of the gpsu has worked in the framework of the active phase of the multinational exercise Sea Breeze 2018 jumps without a parachute from the helicopter into the water.

About it reports a press-service gpsu.

“On a legend of doctrines, the enemy used sabotage forces and means to destabilize the situation in the region, so the decision was made to use master anti-sabotage unit on the roadstead of the port of Odessa. On the go with the 7-meter-high border divers without parachutes parachuted from a helicopter into the sea in a given area. After landing, the group got a particular object under water and neutralized imaginary enemy”, – frontier guards noted .

This year three divers were first tested in the exam, said the gpsu. The rest of the soldiers already had experience in jumping.

The head of Department of special operations on water from the Odessa marine guard detachment Yuri Oransky noted that this action is carried out by the border guards.

“It is useful because it gives you the opportunity to practice direct action, which we will need in your future career. It is also an opportunity to test the morale of the staff, willingness to extreme actions and actions with an increased risk for life,” added Oransky.

As reported in a multinational exercise Sea Breeze 2018 involved 29 ships, boats and support vessels, a submarine and 25 aircraft and helicopters, as well as personnel from 19 countries, including Ukraine, with a total population of about 3 thousand people.

From the Ukrainian side in the events of Sea Breeze 2018 involving units of the naval forces, the National guard, State border service, Land and Air forces of Ukraine, and army corps of engineers.