PETROZAVODSK, August 3. /TASS/. The burial ceremony of the remains of over 100 soldiers who died during the great Patriotic war, was held on Friday on a brotherly burial of the railway station “Romancy” in Segezha region of Karelia. The event was attended by Deputy Secretary of security Council of Russia, member of the state Commission on preparation for celebrating the 100th anniversary of Karelia Rashid Nurgaliyev, the correspondent of TASS.


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“It’s been 73 years since, as the volleys died down to the end of world war II, but we still feel the echo… I Think that the 101 fighter who today is buried, is an important mission of our generation. We must make every nameless soldier was found and his relatives knew where he was buried a hero of the war,” – said Nurgaliyev .

According to the Ministry of youth Affairs, physical culture and sports of Karelia, from 19 June to 5 July on the territory of the Segezha and Medvezh regions of the Republic in conjunction with search groups “Karelian front” and “Maselskaya group the” Fund “Relay of generations” in coordination of the military Commissariat of the expedition took place the 90th separate special search battalion. The search took place in the area of lake Itemba, in the vicinity of which the winter of 1941 and summer 1944 were stationed the headquarters and medical facilities and units of the 32nd army, Karelian front.

“Preserving historical memory, paying tribute to soldiers who died fighting for our country, we maintain our Russia. A big thank you to all who participated and involved in the painstaking search work”, – said the Deputy head of Karelia Alexander Pshenitsyn.

In one of the mass graves searchers have found a metal sleeve with a note. Experts have established the name of the fighter. He was a native of the Vologda region, gunner Paul Mach. “Because search engines were found the relatives of the deceased soldier. They plan to visit the memorial on September 30 the day of the liberation of Karelia from the German-Finnish invaders,” said TASS in the press service of the Ministry of youth Affairs, physical culture and sports of the Republic.

Earlier it was reported that on 30 September at the station “Romancy” will be the opening of the war memorial in memory of the fallen during the great Patriotic war.