“Ash” is the most modern project of the Navy of the Russian Federation in class multi-purpose submarines.

March 31 at the defense shipyard “Sevmash” (part of JSC “United shipbuilding Corporation”) was removed from the shed and launched the second multipurpose nuclear submarine (APL) project 885M (“Ash”) — “Kazan”.

It was founded in 2009. This is the second submarine in the series and the first representative of an improved project 885M. The transfer of the Navy (Navy) is scheduled for 2018. The boat will be part of the Northern fleet, where the service passes, the lead submarine of this series — “Severodvinsk”.

In addition to “Kazan”, on “sevmashe” on improved project built a multi-purpose submarine “Novosibirsk”, “Krasnoyarsk”, “Arkhangelsk” and “Perm”. This year it is expected the laying of another ship: the submarine will be named in honor of the city of Ulyanovsk .

Only by 2023 Turkey plans to build seven “Ash”. They will be on combat service in the Northern and Pacific fleets.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, due to the presence of the Navy ships, like the boat, “Kazan”, Russia will firmly and confidently to defend their interests in the international arena.

“We work together to fulfill the plan of construction, approved by the government. It creates a group of submarines that will solve problems in all areas of the World ocean and to ensure the security of Russia”, – said Admiral Vladimir Korolev, commander of the Russian Navy.


885-th project is considered one of the most extraordinary projects of the Russian submarine fleet.

The boat was created on the basis of the Soviet project 705(K) “Lira” and the third generation submarines of project 971 “Pike-B”. It 971-e today form the basis of Russian multi-purpose attack submarines.

“In Soviet times, was created a very beautiful, highly automated ships 705-year project (“Lira”) with liquid metal coolant, the fastest in the world of titanium submarine, a boat-lab 1710. From them were taken all the best, including the exterior of the project 885″, – said Vladimir Dorofeev, General Director SPMDB “Malahit”.

But, on the other hand, emphasizes Dorofeev, “Ash” is used principally new scheme, and architectural design features which allowed to implement the new scheme of placement of weapons on the submarine.

The creation of boats of the fourth generation began in the late 1970-ies. The submarines of the “Yasen” was designed by the St. Petersburg naval Bureau of machine building (SPMBM) “malachite”. But the technical appearance of the very first boats that were created by the designer Vladimir Palolim, absolutely different in comparison with the “Ash”, which is now successfully carries on combat duty in the Navy.

“For a long enough period of construction of the lead ship, in fact, have changed the entire composition of the means of electronic warfare systems. To say that this ship exists unchanged for many years, is not quite true. In fact, the technical appearance of the “Ash” was formed in that moment, when the ship was already on the stocks,” – said Dorofeyev.

The performance characteristics of the boat according to open sources:

The length of submarines of project 885 is about 139 m, a width of about 13 m, maximum draught 10 m.

Surface displacement of 8600 tons, underwater — to 13 800 t

Maximum diving depth — 600 m; surface speed — 16 knots underwater — up to 31 node.

Endurance — 100 days, crew — 85-90 people.

The submarine is equipped with a single-shaft turbine nuclear power plant with a capacity of about 43 thousand HP

Heat capacity of water-water reactor OK-650V — 190 megawatts (boats of modernized project 885M will receive an installation capacity of over 200 megawatts).

The hull is made of high strength low steel. He is able to dive to 600 meters and more, making it almost unattainable for all types of modern anti-submarine weapons. Maximum speed — over 30 knots (60 km/h).

According to Navy commander Vladimir Korolev, the ships of the project “Ash” have a combat system in an integrated, low noise emission and are the most modern submarines in its class.

“Sevmash has managed, despite certain difficulties in the construction of these ships when several thousand companies-co-operators, successfully to overcome them. We got a modern ship with modern integrated combat system, modern communications and missile-torpedo complex and, of course, with low noise emission compared to the previous” – said the Korolev.


As at the time considered the possibilities of submarines 885-year project, experts from the British The Sunday Times, “the technical specifications of these submarines is such that it is almost impossible to detect in the oceans. It makes “Ash” almost invulnerable to the face of the latest anti-submarine weapons system”.

If the task is “Boreas” (rocket underwater cruisers of strategic appointment of the project 955) — most imperceptibly to reach the “square” in the ocean and carry the battle watch waiting for the command, “Ash”, in fact, a fighter. To fight the ships they are armed with supersonic cruise missiles and universal deep-water homing torpedoes. The boat is the most powerful submarine’s armament:

8 vertical silos for launching cruise missiles “Onyx” and “Caliber”;

10 torpedo tubes caliber 533 mm (ammunition consists of 30 torpedoes).

In the future, the vehicle may be equipped with cruise missiles of a new type of X-101 (X-102) and universal deep-water homing torpedoes (UGST).

“By “Ash” hosted universal launchers that allow the use of cruise missiles for various purposes without any alterations, no changes in the composition of electronic equipment,” – said Dorofeyev.

According to him, these submarines are versatile hunters. Depending on the payload they can solve the problem against a carrier-based compounds, surface ships, amphibious units, convoys and coastal targets, anti-submarine tasks.


Head submarine series — “Severodvinsk” was laid in late 1993 and transferred to the Navy in June 2014. Until the spring of 2016 she has passed trial operation in the Northern fleet. All the observations identified in the course of it, were considered in the design of the second ship (the submarine “Kazan”) and will also be implemented in other boats in this series.

“The idea of creating this ship meant just the unification. He has acquired a new quality for its class, its versatility today confirmed and experienced, and combat exploitation. This modularity in terms of the use of missile weapons — as that performs the function of strategic non-nuclear deterrence and anti-ship” – said General Director of the SPMDB “Malahit”.

The concept of “Ash” in this regard, absolutely corresponds to the present state of Affairs and the views of the Navy.

The following submarines are being built at the modernized project 885M (08851) “Ash-M”. They are distinguished by optimized hull lines, an updated radio electronic warfare complexes, and automation.

In the new project applied a mixed construction system: light case only fits the bow of a firm base. Also for the first time in practice of domestic shipbuilding torpedo tubes are not located in the bow of the ship, and the compartment of the Central post, allowing to place in the bow of the antenna of the new sonar system.

“The problems and serious issues that objectively took time, resulted in the fact that by the time of the imposition of sanctions in the construction of “Ash” is not used components from countries near and far abroad. Russia is self-sufficient in the creation of a modern submarine fleet,” – said Dorofeyev.

According to him, the work on the project “Ash” largely determined the appearance of submarines of the fifth generation, the production of which is planned after 2020.

“The concept of partial modularization, universalization of the “Ash” has shown its complete viability. The decisions underlying the creation of multi-purpose submarines of the Russian Navy, passed the test of time and will be implemented when you create submarines of the fifth generation. When you create submarines of the fifth generation will take into account the results of the construction, testing, pilot and standard operation head submarine of the project 885 “Severodvinsk””, – he concluded.

The shipbuilders sought to create a ship with high combat qualities, while reducing its cost. According to Dorofeeva, “this problem is today solved: technically “Ash” is a further step forward in creating the next generation of ships”.

Author: Roman Azanov. The materials used TASS.