Career of James bond from the future ruler of Russia failed.

Vladimir Putin lived for five years in the GDR. Officially he was listed as a staff member of the House of Soviet-German friendship in Dresden, unofficially, engaged in surveillance of the Soviet and German citizens, writes the Present time.

Vladimir Putin lived on the outskirts of town, in a house on Radeberger in a typical panel Estetica. The Putin family got here a one-bedroom apartment with pantry.

From home to work Vladimir Putin could walk in five minutes. The headquarters of the KGB in Dresden was to Angelokastro, 4. The house was offices six officers, including future President of Russia. Now this is private property, and the owners don’t like to talk about the past.

In December 1989 the people in Dresden, as well as throughout East Germany, demanded the elimination of the Stasi. The rallies took place near the headquarters of the security services, and there was a KGB building. This story Vladimir Putin said in many interviews. Putin told how he spent hours burning in the stove archive, was forced to negotiate with a crowd of people and heroically defended the KGB building, and the protesters wanted to come in and collect the documents.

The accuracy of the story told Putin, raises many questions. That day was indeed a large-scale protest, the journalist says Thomas Kaulfusswho worked on this rally, but all the events occurred near the building of the Stasi, not the KGB.

“At the time I didn’t know that there was something even a small demonstration. The whole area there – it was either official or unofficial Stasi. Basically, there lived the intelligence officers with families,” says Kaulius.

About meeting and trying to storm the KGB building in the archive of newspaper is also not recorded. Although the events Thomas Kaulfuss studied very carefully. About armed guards and an officer named Putin the same word: “We, the editors only many years later learned that Putin was a resident there and thus was also associated with the Dresden”.

What did Vladimir Putin in Dresden and what were the main tasks? The President of Russia says.

“Not the Soviet James bond”

Putin lived in East Germany for five years – came to distribution in 1985, and returned to the Soviet Union in 1990. He worked closely with the Ministry of state security of East Germany and often visited this house. Here was the representation of the Stasi in Dresden. More recently, in the archives even found a certificate issued by Vladimir Putin.

“I was not surprised when he learned that Putin was a pass. Representatives of the Soviet army and intelligence services were working together with the Stasi, and they coordinated their actions,” says Herbert Wagner, the former mayor of Dresden.

Officially, Vladimir Putin worked in the House of Soviet-German friendship. Was a translator, but was actually followed, was in charge of Soviet students did different errands, says Boris Raytshuster, who wrote a book about Putin.

“He was there, I must honestly say, the seventh water jelly, nothing superspecial no, when a try to give him a painting that he was there almost Soviet James bond, in my opinion, it’s very funny,” notes Richester.

Dresden – it was the periphery of the KGB. In the city important events. But it was then that Putin on the fall of the Berlin wall and the weakening of the Soviet Union formed the attitude to the rallies, I’m sure Raytshuster. “In Dresden and the GDR, he had the fear and allergies on the people’s protests, the demonstrations, he was absolutely without power, he feared the crowd, he describes how he was afraid he was afraid, and of course, man develops in your head.”

Became the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has many times come to Dresden. Here he met with Gerhard Schroederwhen he was Chancellor of Germany, and then with Angela Merkel.

“People say that he has a strong connection with the city. He greatly enjoyed the time in Dresden and he liked Saxon Saxon food and beer. Rumor has it that his favorite brand of beer – it is the Saxon,” says jürgen Amann, managing Director of the Department of tourism of Dresden.

In Dresden started even tours “to places of Putin.” True, the organizers said, they are not very popular.