The national anti-terrorism Committee told that there had been detention of the organizer of the explosion near school in Rostov-on-don. The man told the militiaman what left an explosive subject on the street.

According to “Russian conversation”, according to the organizer of the explosion, had previously had a conflict with the victim and he decided to take revenge.

Law enforcement officers conducted a check and found out that the exploding object was manufactured and planted the aforementioned citizen on the route of the victim.

The cause of the conflict that happened some time ago between the men became hostile relations.

Militiamen managed to find out the location of the organizer of the explosion at the school and arrest him. According to NAC, this crime has nothing to do with terrorist activities and refers to the criminal offense .

“Russian conversation” earlier it was reported that near one of the high schools of Rostov-na-Donu 06 April explosion. A passer-by raised the subject, like a flashlight and his arm got torn off and was in the hospital.