Militiamen managed to find out some details of explosion in the car “Lada Priora” in Mozdok district. As it turned out, the driver was carrying an explosive device.

According to “Russian conversation”, the explosion happened in the village of Kalinin in the Mozdok district. Security forces determined that the cause of death of the driver, 26-year-old Jamil M., was the explosive device that he was carrying.

Also found out the identity of the passenger injured. It Mahmet M. At the time of the explosion he was sitting in the back seat of the car . According to this hour he is in critical condition and is in intensive care. He was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and wounds to the chest.

In fact the detonation of an explosive device in the car, militiamen carry out an inspection. At the place of work of the security forces.

Previously, “Russian conversation” already reported that in Mozdok district in North Ossetia there was an explosion in a car “Lada Priora”. Then there was information that from the received wounds the driver has died on the spot.