Photo: screenshot of the Children gave the command to attack the security forces

Law enforcement officers in helmets and shields stood a group of children and pushed the “offenders” on the snow.

In the village Novotroitsk of the Republic of Tatarstan, the security forces conducted exercises to disperse the rally, which attracted local ninth-graders depicting the attackers. The incident caused a public outcry, said on Monday, December 23,

A video of the event on the school yard was published one of the wearer Instagram Sunday, December 22. The footage shows how teenagers are fleeing to the security forces, depicting the attack. Law enforcement officers in helmets and shields have fought back and knocked the teen into the snow.

Neither students nor their parents were not warned about the teachings and format of the event, according to the online edition of “MBH media”, citing an unnamed student. According to him, the guys asked “to come in sports uniform, described it as guidance”. On the day of the exercise “the Director came to class and told to go outside” after graduation, added the source.

The interior Ministry of Russia in Republic of Tatarstan intends to conduct official investigation after the highly publicized incident. The exercise was initiated by the leadership of the Department of the interior Ministry in Tukayevsky district of Tatarstan, with “the participation of civilians and the lesson plan was not coordinated” with the regional interior Ministry, said the Ministry. Students attracted to the event “as extras in coordination with the school administration,” and “the actions of the offenders only imitated police officers in civilian clothes”, said the interior Ministry.

Several media outlets reported participation in the event employees of Regardie, referring to the wearer Instagram who posted a video of Novotroitsk. In the Department called the information about participation of its employees in the exercise untrue.

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These are the “exercises” conducted by the police on the students of grade 9 Novotroitskaya school of tukayevsky district of Tatarstan. Fees police and students. The task of the MVD was to learn how to act during the riots of young people. Students were asked to attack the interior Ministry personnel armed with shields, those, in turn, were overpowered and repulsed the pupils of the 9th class. ? ? ♀ It’s amazing how you think that’s OK? Which section of the school curriculum that applies? What are the rules? Was it necessary though to take written agreement with parents of students? @rusminnikhanov @mycitychelny @tatarstan_official @mon.rt @minobrnauki_russia

Does, polirani Ekaterina Panteleeva (@panteleevaaaaaa) 21 GRU 2019 R. 6:01 PST


Earlier it was reported that in Moscow the police staged a shootout in the subway. One policeman was killed and a second was seriously injured.

We will remind, in the spring, two police officers of the Russian Federation asked for asylum in Ukraine. They argued that in respect of them in Russia custom fabricated and investigated a criminal case.



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