The ex-President of Georgia, the leader of the “movement of new forces” Mikheil Saakashvili, was detained by men in camouflage uniforms in one of the institutions of Kyiv, said the policy associate David Sakvarelidze.

“Took Mikheil…”, – wrote D. Sakvarelidze in his page on the social network Facebook on Monday afternoon, census 7-second video from the page of M. Saakashvili.

On the policy page posted a 7-second video in which men in camouflage uniforms detained a man like Saakashvili.

Some time later D. Sakvarelidze added: “Mikheil Saakashvili, was detained in the restaurant “Suluguni” (lane Museum, 10): three of the “microbus” Volkswagen, license plate AA… (Kiev – Interfax)”.

Former chief editor of the magazine “Forbes Ukraine” Vladimir Fedorin on his page on the social network Facebook wrote: “Saakashvili detained people in jackets SBGS (state border guard service of Ukraine – if)” .

In the comments he noted that Saakashvili was detained in the restaurant “Suluguni” in the Museum lane, 10 in the center of Kiev.

In Museum street is also the office of the party “movement of new forces, Mikheil Saakashvili.”

As have informed Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the speaker of the security Service of Ukraine Elena Gilanskaya, the SBU detained Saakashvili.

In turn, the press service of the interior Ministry of Ukraine and the State border service of Ukraine, the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” said that while do not have information about detention policy.

As reported, on February 5, the Kiev administrative court of appeal confirmed the decision of District administrative court of Kyiv, which refused to recognize the illegal decision of the office of the State migration service of Ukraine in Kiev region about the refusal of Saakashvili status person in need of complementary protection.

According to the lawyers of M. Saakashvili, the decision of the Ukrainian authorities gives some justification for the implementation of actions aimed at the possible extradition of their client from Ukraine as persons without citizenship.

On 5 February the advocate R. Chernolutsky the Agency said that in response to his request of January 15, the Ministry of justice reported about the extension of the extradition check of circumstances which can impede extradition (extradition) Mikhail Saakashvili of Georgia. This deadline is extended until completion of consideration in courts of Affairs about deprivation eks-the President of Georgia, citizenship of Ukraine and denial of registration of documents for solving the issue of recognition of refugee status or person in need of complementary protection.

January 30, Kyiv appeal administrative court dismissed Saakashvili’s complaint was the refusal of the District administrative court of Kyiv to consider the legality of the extradition check conducted by the Prosecutor’s office of Kiev on the instructions of the justice Ministry of Ukraine at the request of the Main Prosecutor’s office of the Ministry of justice of Georgia, dated September 1, 2017.

As you know, January 5, the Tbilisi city court convicted Mikhail Saakashvili in the case of “the malicious abuse of authority” on a post of the President of Georgia and was sentenced to three years imprisonment. M. Saakashvili believes that the Ukrainian government deliberately accelerates the consideration of the question of its status in Ukraine to have formal grounds to extradite him from the country.

On 9 February, the Chairman of the Georgian Parliament Irakli Kobakhidze said that Saakashvili in case of extradition from Kiev to Tbilisi will face arrest.

“With regard to the extradition of Mikheil Saakashvili, in Georgia it will face arrest. We have had a weak political support. From a political point of view we are not interested in where it will be Saakashvili – in Georgia or Ukraine. In our country, a trial was held against it, there is a judgment which involves the arrest of Saakashvili with the appearance on the territory of Georgia,” – said Kobakhidze I., speaking at the University named after John Hopkins.