In a course quickly-search actions by the staff of the National antiterrorist Committee in the Republic of Ingushetia was revealed the weapons cache of one of the local groups of Islamists. The security forces seized a few pieces of grenade launchers and their ammunition and cartridges for small arms.

As told in the information centre of the Committee, an arms cache was discovered in one of the houses in the village of Ekazhevo, and possibly belonged to the militants of banned terrorist organization “Caucasus Emirate”, according to “Russian conversation”.

Discovered in the hiding place was revealed two grenade launchers and two dozen shells for them, even eighty ammunition for the other heavy weapons, antitank hand grenade, 11 thousand cartridges of various calibers and components for the manufacture of improvised grenades .

All arms and ammunition were recovered from discovered caches, and then was taken by security forces away from residential settlements and successfully disposed of.

Recall that Western sources charged with monitoring the statements of the Islamists, saying that the militants “Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for killing two policemen in Astrakhan on 4 April.