An improvised explosive device was found during inspection of the scene of clashes with militants in the territory of one of the villages in Buinaksk district.

As reported
“Russian conversation” during the inspection today of the place
clashes with members of illegal armed groups in the village
Karamakhi was security forces discovered an improvised explosive device.

The deadly discovery was in
activated, however, thanks to the professionalism of its security forces
managed to notice and disarm.

Note that today on the territory of the specified
village battle occurred between the security forces and militants from the extremist one

Law enforcement officers
invited the bandits to surrender, but they opened fire. The terrorists were
opened fire in response, and they were eliminated.

As it turned out
later, all members of the group were involved in terrorist activities . In
one of them was destroyed by the leader of the so-called “Kadar” gang.