Militiamen found and withdrew from the English fans, an Arsenal of pyrotechnics, which they planned to use ostensibly in order to test the security system.

According to “Russian conversation” law enforcement officers
I declare that all fans of
Great Britain was in possession of the passport of the fans and the official invitation, and
the tickets for the match Germany – Chile, which will be held at “Kazan –
the arena” on June 22.

According to security officials, 20 June at Park Inn they saw
suspicious young men. At them was discovered 61 charge of pyrotechnics.
Fans from England told me that all they bought in the online store.

Men are assured that they are employees of media companies under the name
Вigballs, and told that the pyrotechnics they
needed to test the weaknesses of security at the confederations Cup-2017.

In the case
problems at stadiums it was to get into the special
the film report . Foreigners were released, but the Arsenal of pyrotechnics seized in order to avoid
provocations during the match Germany – Chile.