Counterintelligence of security Service of Ukraine detained the ex-militant “DNR”, who confirmed numerous cases of shelling by fighters of residential quarters of Donetsk with the aim of discrediting the Armed forces of Ukraine, reported the press service of the security services.

“Now the man is cooperating with the investigation and give testimony on the activities of Pro-Russian terrorists”, – said in a statement on the Agency’s website.

According to the SBU, a local resident joined the illegal armed units in Donetsk region in 2016. By may 2019, he was in one of the artillery divisions of fighters.

“The attacker, in particular, have reported numerous cases of shelling militants residential areas of Donetsk using the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons for the coverage in the Russian media as if provocations by the armed forces of Ukraine. He also spoke about the transportation to the territory temporarily occupied Donetsk Russian weapons and equipment, in particular portable mobile satellite station “Auriga” (the latest development of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, adopted in Russia in 2014), ” – said in the secret service.

In addition, a detainee reported on the revitalization of the FSB among the militants to prevent their transfer to the Ukrainian side.

The detainee is notified of suspicion in committing a crime under part 1 of article 258-3 (creation of terrorist group or terrorist organization) by UK of Ukraine. Pre-judicial investigation proceeds.