According to preliminary information the man was a supporter of the terrorist group Islamic state (extremist group banned in Russia). He planned to do the bloody terrorist attack during the festivities in the Russian capital.

According to “Russian conversation”, 23-year-old citizen of Tajikistan was arrested in the territory of one of the airports of Moscow.

Sources to several media sources in law enforcement bodies reported that Estilo M. arrived in the Turkish capital of Istanbul.

The man wanted to blow himself up in a crowd of people, who celebrate March 8 in the center of Moscow. When militiamen began to find out the identity of the detainee, it was revealed that he had already fought in Syria in the ranks of the terrorist group ISIS.

Now the man has already given enforcement authorities of Tajikistan. Set all his accomplices .

Previously, “Russian conversation” already wrote that the security services have prevented a terrorist attack in Moscow. Then the jihadists were planning to carry out a series of bombings during the new year celebrations in the Russian capital.