As it became known, experts from the USA said that those modern electronic devices with voice activation used by virtually all progressive mankind on the planet, you can see the laser beams as commands from the owner and, accordingly, can be hacked by hackers. It is reported by Naked Science, reports of the Russian Dialogue.

According to the information received, scientists from the University of Michigan stated that, subject to calibration of the laser and tune it to a specific frequency, its radiation falling on the microphone then sends it to the column, which, in turn, can interpret this radiation as a human voice.

A team of specialists from the University of Michigan conducted a series of experiments in which was involved the device Home Google, Amazon, Alexa and Facebook Portal Mini, including some smartphones running on operating systems Android and iOS.

As a “hacking tool” was used 60-milliwatt laser beams which were directed to 16 different devices, voice activated. Almost all “smart” speakers reacted to the laser from a distance up to 50 meters. With smartphones it’s a little more complicated: for example, the iPhone XR respond to commands with a laser from a distance of not more than 10.5 meters, and Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 2 with only five meters.

It should be noted that scholars are manufacturers of smart speakers to introduce additional security measures for such devices to protect them from hacking by the laser: for example, to add another microphone or to set a special light filter. Google and Amazon have already responded to the statement of researchers and promised to study carefully the work of specialists from the University of Michigan. In the Apple comment officially refused, and representatives from Facebook have remained silent.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation” told readers about the expert opinion of specialists from the company computer security Check Point that told the public about how to protect from hacking popular messenger Telegram and Whatsapp.