The Alliance made a strange statement regarding the placing of complexes “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region . According to representatives of NATO, the Russian missiles are a threat to Europe.

According to “Russian conversation”, the permanent under Secretary of the Alliance said the threat to the airspace of Europe.

“Nobody argues with the fact that Kaliningrad oblast is Russian territory. However, the deployment of missile complexes “Iskander” — is proof of the trend of militarization and strengthening the control over the airspace. Many members of the Alliance, neighboring with Russia, they consider it a threat to its security,” said zamgenseka the NATO.

Earlier, the Russian foreign Ministry reacted harshly to such statements NATO and stressed that Russia is not going to report to anybody about placing of complexes “Iskander”in the Kaliningrad region.

In the domestic defense Ministry recalled that the movement of the complexes’ve never done a mystery and said that left “Iskander” to check the work of the American razvedochnyi flying over him.