Viktor Leonenko



The expert channel “Football 1″/”Football 2” Victor Leonenko speculate about the tactics of the team Shevchenko in the match Croatia – Ukraine.

-What do you think, what tactics we need to elect the national team of Ukraine, to achieve a result?

-A tactic we have one, very simple: all behind, and in front, maybe something will come of it. It’s all of the clubs practically. We have only the “miner” is different.

Magical goal by the heel of the rally, which will impress even Ibrahimovic (Video)

-Will it work?

-I don’t know you need to ottamiseksi. And when you build the game from the defence, therefore, as a rule, even if you play for a draw, you lose. What’s everything waiting on? When Fomenko because it was the same. Hi, 50 buses in their penalty area! And Sheva in Croatia probably will. I wouldn’t want to be the same. But, most likely, will play on the counterattack. Work? View .

“Dynamo” minimal beat “Chernomorets” (Photo)Read more

-Have a chance?

-When you see how Barcelona beats PSG, you realize that there is always a chance. Judicial error, error of the game…

I never go and do not shout at every corner that those so-and-so play. Smart people do not say who they will play. It is possible to injury in the warm-up. When I Sheva and Eugene Sidorov just got out of bed and injured meniscus earned. It is not clear that the head coach, whom he put in the composition of who gets sick…