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News of show business: American singer Selena Gomez for the last year managed to attract the attention of many media.

And all because suddenly broke off relations with the contractor The Weekend, then came together and the second time broke up with Justin Bieber, and now she is credited with an affair with ex-husband Jennifer aniston – actor Justin Theroux.

One of the insiders edition of “Life&Style” said that communication between Selena and Justin “has turned into something more than friendship.” But this unexpected development of events in films, not all. This is especially true of the ex-wife Theroux – Jennifer aniston, which the actor said the divorce in February of 2018.

The actress does not like his affair with the singer, who has long considered Selena a friend of the family . The insider said that Selena and Justin “have known each other for years because of my Manager”, but now they are completely addicted to each other.

Despite the almost 20-year age difference (Theroux is 46 years old, and selenium – 25), they United against their recent high-profile failures in love and now they feel incredibly comfortable together.