NASA employees said that after a few pictures the solar space through the telescope, SOHO, saw some natural anomalies. The author released footage combined six photos to find a giant funnel. Moreover, the researchers noticed that near the crater has formed a huge cubic and two large white object. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Zoom and
the use of different filters gave the opportunity to consider this impressive
the event, which in time took only a few seconds, after all
the objects disappeared. In scientific circles, this phenomenon is called plasma swirling
in a magnetic loop.

But the author published
video called this phenomenon time-space tunnel, to create
which alien ships use the Sun’s energy. With the help of electronic
scale the researcher was able to determine the size kubicheskogo UFO
for example, the length of its base was about 179,648 km .

Previously on the moon, ufologists have discovered a strange circular alien building.

The attention of ufologist
attracted not only unusual round education. Long oval structure with
a straight edge along the center, right surface is lit by the Sun, and the second
in the shadows, was the most interesting.