The money will be received by the company Dana Holdings by investment program.

On the website of Minsk city Executive Committee appeared an approved investment development program of Minsk in 2020. It States that for the construction of engineering and transport infrastructure to residential homes “Minsk World” (the developer — Dana Holdings), the authorities planned to allocate 080 69 200 rubles ($32 403 290), and for the construction of all the other houses in Minsk and the necessary infrastructure 81.979.807 rubles ($38 454079), writes The Village of Belarus.

Of this amount, almost 13 million the state plans to spend on the improvement of the road network and utilities residential district Loshitsa. On a residential complex in the heart of the village. Minsk plans to spend 10 739 300 rubles, and for houses in the residential district Chizhovka-6 — 9 034 205 rubles.

Dаna Holdings — group of Serbian businessmen brothers Carica. In Belarus, they are engaged in construction projects, including the construction of the complex “Minsk-Mir” on the site of the former Minsk-1 airport. The decision that the Karichi will be involved in this project, took Alexander Lukashenko.