The contractor expressed his opinion about the participation in the European competition this year.

About it reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to news information portal Life.

Recently he has told what he thinks about the upcoming music competition. According to the artist, who last year were great at the Eurovision song contest, he does not like it when someone offers this year to boycott the show.

Lazarev himself had spoken about the fact that music competitions should be devoid of political overtones. The singer is aware that now between Ukraine and Russia there is a conflict, however, does not consider it appropriate to boycott the “Eurovision”, as it has further politicized this show. Sergey is sure that it is not necessary to aggravate a situation and to sow enmity between the fraternal peoples .

The actor stressed that he wants, that Russia has this year also triumphantly performed at the competition, having won the love of millions of Europeans and showing a show of the highest class.