The League will not allow workouts until confirmed negative tests COVID-19.

Series And can resume training in may, but before that, all players will be tested for the coronavirus.

If the situation with the epidemic in the country, which began to stabilize, not deteriorate, in the first days of June, the season can recover.

According to the President of Federation of football of Italy Gabriele Gravina, about how the players will undergo testing for COVID-19, the clubs must agree to a scheduled meeting.

“First we’ll run the tests and making sure that they are negative, will be able to resume training. As soon as suitable conditions come up, we will finish the championship.

Soon we will have a meeting where you declare the procedure tests the players. I hope that in the beginning of the month we will start testing and then we can start training”, – quotes Gravino Football-Italia.

Earlier it was reported that Serie a can resume matches at the end of may.

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