Photo: the Virus dies at a temperature of 92?

The experts first heated the virus in accordance with the Protocol for disinfection. However, the strains COVID-19 proved to be extremely tenacious.

French scientists from the University of Provence conducted a study, which found that the coronavirus is killed at a temperature of 92℃. This happens within 15 minutes, writes bioRxiv.

In the experiment, the experts first for one hour was heated COVID-19 to 60℃, because it is a standard Protocol for disinfection of most laboratories.

However, it was turned out that some strains of the virus could still breed.

The virus in vitro has been completely destroyed only when heated to 92℃ for 15 minutes.

As previously reported, scientists have discovered how the coronavirus is protected from the immune system.

Also wrote that scientists have found antibodies that neutralize the coronavirus.

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