The daughter of a famous American actor took part in another candid photo shoot.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Many fans of Depp was sure that her daughter will follow in his footsteps. It happened – from a young age beauty, inherited facial features Hollywood father and his charm and charisma shone on the catwalks and starred in various photo shoots. Lily-rose has already managed to play in the film with the famous actress Natalie Portman is going to continue to develop your career.

She recently shocked many fans taking part in a new photo shoot. Lily invited me to shoot for the popular glossy magazines, and she happily agreed. It should be noted that for photos the daughter of Depp posing Nude, covering her Breasts with her hands. Some fans were outraged that she decided to participate in this photo shoot, as she is not yet 18 years old . However, she rose, apparently satisfied with the results of surveys.

Some footage of the photo shoot have hit the Internet, and they were appreciated by the fans of young models and Actresses.