At least 35 people were injured Friday during protests in Catalonia, with 25 of them in Barcelona, according to the Internet portal of the Spanish newspaper “Pais”.

According to the newspaper, 10 people were detained.

Not less than 525 thousand people in Barcelona are taking on Friday part in the demonstration, timed to coincide with a General strike, said the police service of the Catalan capital.

People crowded the center of the city. Blocked transport routes, closure of some subway station.

With a welcome message on Twitter addressed to participants of action the head of the Generalitat (government of Catalonia) Kim Torr. “I congratulate the participants of the March for freedom, which captivated the entire country. Thanks to all who demonstrated peaceful civil movement for independence. We will win and continue to go forward!” – he wrote.

Meanwhile, there are reports that again started the riots in the streets of Barcelona once again burn the bins.

During the clashes of protesters with the police occurred in the night of Friday, wounds and injuries to over 40 people, and another 16 were arrested and sent into custody for inciting a riot. Since the beginning of this week arrested more than 200 people who took part in clashes with the police.

Due to the unstable situation in Catalonia, the Spanish football Federation cancelled the match between “Barcelona” and “real Madrid”, which was to be held on October 26. Clubs have until the 21st of October is the time to choose an alternative match date.

Another round of tension in Catalonia is associated with the imposition of long prison sentences to a number of former representatives of the Catalan guides, who were involved in the attempt to hold a referendum on independence for this Autonomous community of Spain on 1 October 2017.